Our heritage

Müller-BBM has been working in the field of Active Noise Control for decades. Beside pure research our focus has been on engineering use and real-world applications of the technology with respect to vibrations, structure-borne and airborne noise. Applications included high speed trains, marine structures and motor vehicles.

2009 was the year: A continuous growing interest in the series production application of our technology in the automotive industry allowed us to expand our activities and start up a dedicated company within the Müller-BBM Group: Müller BBM Active Sound Technology GmbH was founded.

Since then, the former team has rapidly grown to a powerful and highly capable company. Today, electrical, and mechanical engineers, computer scientists, physicists, sound designers and acousticians are working together on the advancement of the technology of Active Noise Control and Active Sound Design as well as for a comprehensive application in our clients’ products.

Today, as a full-service partner, we are offering the complete range of

  • research and development,
  • system expertise for serial applications,
  • embedded software for head units or amplifiers with approved process quality,
  • tool chains for sound design, system tuning and production data management.

as well as

  • sound design development for automotive needs (for EVs and ICE powered vehicles, chimes and more)
  • support for vehicle tunings and approval processes

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