Being a member of the Müller-BBM Group, Müller-BBM Active Sound Technology lives in the tradition of Müller-BBM established in 1962. The values embodied by the company's founders, their principles and ideas for the company's strategy and policy have all proven their effectiveness – they are the basis of our corporate guidelines.

The declared aim and objective is qualitative leadership of our products and services. We pursue this objective with a strategy based on competence, customer orientation, quality, independency, reliability, risk management and innovation. The infrastructure and processes necessary to reach our goals are documented in a functioning management system that is regularly evaluated and updated – especially in order to respond to an ever-changing environment.

Quality at Müller-BBM Active Sound Technology means:

  • We employ qualified and creative people.
  • We care for their up-to-date knowledge in the adjustment phase to a new job, advanced professional training and knowledge management.
  • We care for long term availability of competence with securing a stable economical living for our employees and offer them a working environment best possible for their expression and development.
  • In our work we are engaged, creative and responsible towards our clients. In the collaboration with our clients, partners and suppliers we follow the principle of sustainability and maintenance of long term relationships.
  • Our products are aligned to realize the client’s ideas and requirements, to put his plans in practice and find the optimal solutions for his products.
  • Our employees work on their tasks with high personal responsibility. Everyone plans and executes his work and verifies the results. He represents the results of this work himself towards our customers and project partners. Thus, the quality of our work is promoted and increases the awareness of customers and the responsibility of each single employee.
  • We analyse, assess and control the risks within our organisation and safeguard the quality of our work, adhering to our documented development and quality processes and improving them continuously.
  • Moreover, we support a cooperative climate where it is understood to think beyond standards, test the limits of methods and develop new, innovative processes and products.

In all our activities, our employees - meeting the challenges of our customers with their high professional competence, responsibility and commitment -  are the most important quality characteristic of Müller-BBM Active Sound Technology.

Ethical conventions

Our activities are guided by the following legal and social obligations and conventions:

  • On the job we comply to local and international law.
  • We adhere to contracts, particularly to employment contracts, contracts with clients and suppliers.
  • We care for integrity and confidentiality among ourselves and towards our business partners. We avoid conflicts of interest and refrain from unfair business practices.

These principles constitute the basis of our cooperation within our company and with our customers and suppliers. They are deep-rooted in our identity as a responsible corporation and form our ethical culture.

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