The transition from combustion engines to hybrid and electric vehicles opens up new requirements and opportunities for Active Sound Design technologies. In the age of e-mobility, sound design becomes an important part of the product and brand experience. Active technologies are more than just a little bit of software in a control unit. Therefore, we do not leave you alone with m|klang® but support you in designing the ideal sound for your vehicles.

Our services cover:

  • support of sound development for EVs, ICEs and non-propulsion sounds
  • support of system functionality in the vehicle with

    • defining acoustic requirements in cooperation with the acoustician in charge
    • defining system requirements and system design within the interconnected vehicle in cooperation with the NVH, sound design, audio system and network responsible
    • defining component requirements, e.g. for microphones and loudspeakers, or
    • functional integration tests in the vehicle

  • training, process support and complete execution of vehicle tunings, incl. validation tests for approval
  • extension of the m|klang® functionality to include customized sound features for series production software
  • research and advanced development to extend the scope of active technologies

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