m|klang embedded software

m|klang® embedded software is the fast and simple way to integrate our technology into your products.

According to your acoustical requirements and sound ideas we generate tailor-made DSP software based on highly optimized generic DSP libraries. It is readily compiled and can be directly embedded into your ANC control unit, head unit or your amplifier.

This customisation is important to meet your specific requirements - only you know what you intend to achieve in sound. Customizations include subjects like

  • system components (speaker and, if needed, microphone configuration),
  • system operating ranges (frequency and rpm range),
  • sound features (number of controlled and added orders, number of control parameters, complexity of the sound design and sound control),
  • switchable sound scenarios during real-time operation, if necessary,
  • support for extra features (cylinder de-activation, hybrid operating mode, etc.),
  • adjustment to the vehicle and production infrastructure (vehicle codings, diagnosis, EOL checks).

With m|klang® embedded software we can supply an individually tuned functionality consistently on different processor platforms for integration into different control units. In this way you will get a standardized function scope from a head unit based system to a premium audio amplifier.

This integration makes sense - Our libraries do only require a fractional amount of the processing and memory resources of a modern DSP, and thus they can be easily combined with other functions.

Moreover, we integrate m|klang embedded software as client specific control units to our m|klang PC software thus giving support to seamless lean processes at the point of sound creation and vehicle tuning.

In the form of generic libraries, we already support numerous leading architectures and processor families of well-known semiconductor manufacturers such as Analog Devices, Cadence, Intel, NXP and others. We are pleased to assist you with specific enquiries about available adaptations and other supported architectures at sales@mbbm-ast.com .

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