Under the m|klang® brand we are combining our products for you - complementary solutions for integrated workflows with high flexibility.

A key element of this brand is our m|klang PC software. This software offers everything that you need for sound definition and system tuning in ANC and ASD, integrated in an intuitively operable Windows application. Well suited for a single test vehicle as well as for reliable processes for tuning of series-production vehicles with a comprehensive range of models.

Directly linked to it is our m|klang control unit. With this unit you are able to set up a test vehicle fully flexible within a few hours and conduct tests on the best matching vehicle sounds. Due to the universality of m|klang you can already tune sounds for series-production vehicles even though samples of your amplifier do not yet exist. This is an essential advantage for short development terms, complex approval processes and when only few prototypes are available.

m|klang embedded software describes the technology transfer into finished software for your series-production amplifiers, head units and ANC control units tailored to your requirements. We supply ready-made and easy to integrate software libraries for the DSP you employ - as well as the tool chain in m|klang PC - from online tuning to the generation and administration of flashable series data sets according to your process requirements.

This is m|klang. Even better, we also provide supporting services to make you use our technology in the most effective way.

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