Welcome to Müller-BBM Active Sound Technology

Acoustics made easy - by superimposing two sound fields something new emerges. Usually, it will get louder - like two neighbors listening to music.  

But sometimes the noise can also die away. For this effect both sound fields have to be equal, but reverse in phase. Then they cancel themselves.

Müller-BBM Active Sound Technology takes advantage of this principle. We systematically produce such second sound fields, either to create silence or sounds. We use the existing amplifiers and loudspeakers to create sound, digital signal processors to determine the right signal in real-time, and microphones for measuring the sum of both sound fields for control.

Sometimes a little extra may be right. Sounds generate emotions, not only in music. And sounds give feedback on functions - the shutter noise of a digital camera as well as the clicking of an indicator in the car or the beeping of a backing truck. Sounds are part of the human-machine interface. We are creating the sounds of vehicles - from early design to production implementation, from internal combustion engines (ICE) to electric vehicles (EV) interior and exterior sounds, and even more.