We at Müller-BMM Active Sound Technology GmbH are looking for YOU for the further development of our functional software core as



  • Passionate software development in an agile environment of likeminded specialists
  • Close cooperation with the entire team to create and evolve our code basis
  • Design and development of advanced real-time signal processing software for the latest DSP architectures
  • safeguard your code in a modern CI environment with automated tests
  • Contribution to strategic implementation decisions
  • learn new and innovative topics / technologies and implement them



  • Successfully completed studies in computer science or electrical engineering or a comparable discipline with relevant professional experience
  • Experience in audio and signal processing for current DSP architectures as well as software development in C and test experience preferably in Python / NumPy
  • Advantages are knowledge in DSP architectures HiFi, Hexagon®, C66, SHARC®, ARM® and related intrinsics, in fixed point arithmetic, in hardware protocols like I2C, SPI and I2S, in C99, TDD, googletest, pytest, LLVM, ASAN, UBSAN, clang-tidy, scipy, matplotlib, pytest, cffi, MISRA, coverage, git, Rust, VS-Code, Max/MSP, Azure DevOps, cppcheck, the plugin APIs of common audio platforms, automotive protocols like CAN and process models like SPICE
  • Familiarity with modern software development and quality assurance through code review, automated testing and CI as well as having fun in developing "bug-free" software
  • High abstraction capacity, distinctive analytical skills, interest in learning and implementing new topics as well as commitment and team spirit
  • Creative ideas and passion for innovative software
  • Team work and communication skills in German and English



Apply now! If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at any time.

Müller-BBM Active Sound Technology GmbH
Almuth Ziegler
Helmut-A.-Müller-Straße 1 - 5
82152 Planegg
Phone: +49 89 262 03 40 03
Email: recruiting@mbbm-ast.com
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