Eager for something new?

At Müller-BBM Active Sound Technology, there is something new - every day - since 2009. We bring together software and acoustics, designing the sound of the cars of the world - today for nine manufacturers worldwide, and tomorrow there will be more.  

We are a motley, interdisciplinary team. Our background is electrical engineering and computer science, but also geophysics or automotive engineering. For us it is fun to explore new ideas within the team and create the sound of tomorrow's cars for our clients.
We have a flat hierarchy with direct and informal communication. This creates flexibility. No matter, whether for personal working hours or workplace, we will find a matching model.
We are vibrant and growing - worldwide. This creates opportunities and leeways for each of us.  

At the same time we are part of a larger community - the Müller-BBM Group. Established in the 1950s as a university spin-off it has always been shaped by the spirit of scientific and technological innovation. It  is owned solely by its employees - employee ownership instead of employee participation. This gives us independence and strength to accept new challenges - and the protection of a strong, proven company with the social security it provides.    

Is this the new you desire?  

Welcome to our Team!

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