m|klang PC software

m|klang® PC software is the central element of our range of products. It is an intuitively operable Windows application which supports the definition of sounds and the tuning process in the vehicle.

Main assets of the m|klang® PC software are:

  • The sound definition - graphical or numerical - is carried out independently from the vehicle and control unit and can be combined freely with the specific calibration data of a model. This leads to a significant reduction of tuning complexity.
  • Support of the calibration functions for vehicle and audio characteristics, including direct control of amplifiers / HUs via tuning interfaces (for control units without own microphones the calibration functions are measured with external hardware, e.g. an ASIO compatible sound card).
  • Analysis of calibration data, creation of algorithm parametrization and final generation of data sets.
  • Meta data acquisition (vehicle, audio system, etc.) and continuous management of all process steps for a transparent traceability of sound tuning and data set content.
  • Real time tuning interface to control units, also used for monitoring the functionality in control unit integration tests and sound validations inside the vehicle.
  • Analysis and display of diagnosis information and control unit /system test results.
  • Database-driven data management effectively supporting a high number of variants and comprehensive development projects. Utilizes a local file based database to support working independently from a network and server, e.g. during road tests and validations.

The software architecture is designed for easy extension to support additional amplifiers and control units with m|klang embedded software. You will get a consistent integrated tool for your m|klang applications. Meta data, process steps and data formats are adjustable to your requirements, thus supporting your consistent and secured processes - from the first sound experiments with our m|klang control unit to the final data set generation for series-production vehicles.

With m|klang PC software our clients implement their sound ideas in experiments as well as series-production vehicles in a fast and safe way.


(Not all features of m|klang PC software are supported for each type of control unit. Please contact us for individual feature sets.)

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