m|klang control unit

The m|klang® control unit is a universal and very flexible device to quickly set up an ANC or ASD system. It is designed for complete stand-alone operation inside a vehicle - including a predefined sound. For comparisons it is also possible to switch between four sound settings via remote control. Additionally, the control unit can be connected via ethernet to a notebook computer with m|klang PC software for direct configuration including real-time tuning.

Hardware features:

  • system design with micro controller for CAN and vehicle data acquisition, FPGA as data transfer and communication platform and additional high performance DSP secures maximum performance at minimum latency
  • 8 input ports for control inputs: 1 x ISO 11898-2 high speed CAN 2.0A, 1 x ISO 11898-3 low speed CAN 2.0A, 4 x analog voltage 0-12 V, 2 x tacho pulses
  • 18 input ports for error microphone/sensor signals:  100 dB dynamic range, adjustable amplification up to 12 dB, in two groups switchable sensor power supply according to IEPE (4 mA, 24 V) or phantom power (12 V, 12 kΩ)
  • 18 output ports: ± 3 V peak, max. 1 mA load, 600 Ω impedance
  • interface to remote control and Ethernet (IPv4) to connect to the operating computer
  • power supply 8,5 - 30,5 V, closed current 10 mA, max. power input 30 W
  • form factor: 19'', 1HU (480 x 265 x 44 mm)

The m|klang® control unit firmware supports engine speed based ANC and ASD in nearly any system configuration with all available interfaces, including

  • an arbitrary number of engine order components,
  • an arbitrary number of control parameters (non-audio inputs) and
  • several independent subsystems.

It is limited by hardware capacity only.

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